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State Certified

ADIS offers this State approved, course of instruction which fulfills the legal requirements established under the Washington Administrative Code for court referred clients, and provides information for individuals looking for answers on their own.

Valuable Education

This non-judgmental course provides a forum for open and direct discussion about alcohol and other drug use, students are encouraged to explore the effects of alcohol and other drug use on themselves, their families and their world.

Excellent Instructors

All of our ADIS instructors possess the educational background and required certification to teach the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse approved curriculum. Our instructors also hold, at a minimum, chemical dependency counselor credentials.

Victims Panels

Victims Panels

Our victim’s panel empowers victims of drunk driving to help work through the recovery and grieving process. In doing so, it offers the chance to provide DUI offenders the opportunity to see the consequences and potential tragedies associated with drinking and driving. Our goal is to reduce the number of people that drive after being under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.

As we all know changing behaviors is a very difficult thing for us to do. Our goal is to provide a platform that gives you the information and energy that allows you to change your decision making abilities as it pertains to the use of any mind altering chemicals before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. We feel that by working with you and the community we can together send a message of unity that we do not and will not tolerate people who drive under the influence. We believe that after you attend one of our panel presentations you will not only be motivated to change your behaviors, you will be encouraged and energized to change the way your friends and family look at drinking and driving.

DUI victim panel is on a walk-in basis, please contact us at (800) 858-6702 if you have any questions. The class lasts approximately 1.5 hours and costs $40 – paid at time of service.

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